Perkins Diesel Generator Scheduled Maintenance

In this article I am going to explain how to perform a schedule maintenance for a small 60KVA Parking Diesel Generator which I have now in my factory. You may thing this is a small Generator! Because it’s the only backup power source for my factory. Now we are using REB line as our main power. We have separated Outdoor Substation. This backup Generator is only for lighting purpose.

It was about 2 years ago when we performed this schedule maintenance and it was the first maintenance for this Generator. We took this generator from one of our local company name "Cross World". They sent a small team for performing this schedule maintenance. In this team there was an Engineer and two Technicians. But right now we are performing this schedule maintenance with our own responsibility. Because Generator warranty period has been expire.

Generator Details:

Brand Name - Tempest
KVA - 60
PFI - 0.8
Phase - 3
Amps - 87
Hz - 50
RPM - 1500
Voltage - 400

Please have a look on this attached photo for more details about this Generator.

According to the manufacturer instruction this Generator should maintain schedule maintenance after each 200hr of operation.

When it’s a matter of schedule maintenance then you need to have a look on some specific sector.

1. Changing the Oil and Oil Filter.
2. Changing the Fuel Filter.
3. Changing the Air Filter.
4. Checking the Coolant Chemical Water level in Radiator.
5. Cleaning the Alternator by Compressed Air.
6. Have a look on Generator Foundation Bolt.
7. Checking the Battery Condition and Water level.
8. Overall Generator Cleaning.

What you need to Perform this Maintenance:

Distilled Water 3 liter (If Needed).
Coolant Chemical 3 liter (If Needed).
Engine Oil 15 liter.
New Air Filter.
New Oil Filter.
New Fuel Filter.

Generator Maintenance Procedures:

Before you start maintenance, disconnect all loads and start Generator just for 1-2 minute to observe the present condition. You can check its Engine Sound, Vibration, RPM, Voltage, Battery Voltage and Charging Rate. If everything is ok then start your work.

Now drain out the oil engine oil from oil chamber and store it in a jar. You will find a oil drain out point under the oil chamber at the bottom of the generator. It can be 6 to 9 liter oil can be drain out some make sure your jar can contain all oil. Wait for long until oil drain out completely form the oil chamber. When it is done then mounts it again.

Then remove the fuel filter and oil filter by a cylinder opener. Because it’s easy to open those two filter by it. You can easily insert and replace old air filter by new one. But for installing new oil filter make sure you fulfill it by new oil and install it. Same procedure will maintain for fuel filter. Fuel filter will fill up by Diesel.

Now check the battery voltage, acid and water level. Don’t forget to check the joining bolt connection at positive a negative terminal. Then check the water and chemical percentage and level. This Diesel Engine Generator Cooling System is internal. If it seems like empty then fill up by mixing up water and chemical.

When fuel filter, air filter and others equipments like battery, radiator, Generator base mounting bolt installed and checked then fill up the engine oil chamber by 20% with new oil. Because we are going to wash out some dust and remaining old burned oil from the oil chamber. For this reason we need to start our generator and it will remain active for 1-2 minute without any load.

Now stop the Generator and drain out the last reaming oil from its chamber by opening the oil drain point again. After draining, mount it again. New fill up the oil chamber again by 10 liter of new engine oil. Clean Alternator inside by compressed air.

We are almost done. There are some few checking remain to complete out schedule maintenance.

Check there is any working procedure is left or not.
Check all equipments that we install today.
Check battery connection and voltage level before we start Generator.
Find any tools on the body or with the body of Generator.
Clean Generator surrounding area.
Check the Earthing Point.

Here is a video where you will find all step together.

Thanks for reading this article. If you find helpful then please share with your friends. If I missed or said something wrong please let me know in comment. I will make it right. Thanks!