First Android App Development – Problem and Solution

Making an Android App was a big challenge for. In my previous life I never had any experience about this subject. Even I never thought that, one day I will make an Android App by myself. It was a great day for me when I published my app in Google Play Store. In this post I am going to tell you what type of problem I face during my app development.

Idea for App Content:

If you want to build an app then first of all you have to come with an idea means which type of app you want to build and what do you want to offer your app user? In my case I have a professional blog which I am running from last 8 to 9 moth when I was writing this article. My Blog Name is “An Electrical Engineer” and that was my idea. I wanted to provide my Blog Reader an extra facility that they don’t need to come to blog when they needed. Because my blog is online 24/7 in internet. But what will happen when my blog reader is offline? For this reason I came with this solution to provide than this offline app that they can read my all previous published article when they are offline.

All content from my blog was written by me and for this reason there is no issue of Copyright Content. If you want to build an app make sure all content in you app is yours. Google may leave you right now because Policy for making android app is not so hard. But day by day Google is become more advance with their privacy policy update.

App Development Platform:

If you want to build Android App then you have to come with a platform where you can build it. There are many website you will find in online to help you to do that. But I always prefer to use Android Studio from Google and JetBrains with Java. It can be little bit hard to work with that but you can do whatever you want to do with it. I was having some problem when I was installing this big size of software in my laptop.

Hardware Requirement:

Android Studio took me 2 days to install it properly. You may think 2 days! Yes it took me understand why Android Emulator is not working on my PC. Because in my PC I was missing some graphic issue. My PC is outdated. Just 2 GB RAM was not enough to run this software. For this reason when I was running this software, I closed all other application to free some memory that Android Studio can run. I am unable to test my app in virtual app tester. That means I needed to run my app in my Phone after every changes that’s its working or not. So check your hardware with new version of Android Studio before installing.


Now come to programming. Oh my god it is totally different for me. I just knew some basic about the HTML which is not similar with Java language. But I can say it’s understandable but in different way. For this reason I went to Google and YouTube and its helps me a lot when I stuck with any problem. I you want to build you first app then I will tell you study in YouTube and Google before you take any step.

It took me 2 month to build my very static Android App and I can it’s a long time. Yes it’s true that I was not regular with my development work. Because after active working in my day time for my Electrical Sectional Work it was really hard for me to work at night again.

Publishing in Google Play Store:

After all of this step now come to publish it on Google Play Store. Because it is the best platform for app publishing. But before app publishing you have to buy your Developer Console Account and it’s for onetime $25. It will take 24 hour to fully active after you make a payment.

If you consider downloading my app then you might find any bug in it, if you are an expert. If you found any problem please let me know in comment and it will be better for me if you give me any solution. I really want to update my app feature that my app user can get more freedom. By the way my App Name is “Electrical Engineering Practical”.

So, if you are thinking about making an app please go to Google before you start and check your Computer that it has suitable environment for Android Studio. I also recommend you to come with any solution that your app user can get from your app. Hope you got my point. Thanks!