Trützschler Blow Room Processing in Spinning Mills

If you already gone through my profile then you must know that I am working in a Export Oriented Yarn Manufacturing Company. I started my carrier in Spinning Industry and it is one of the reputed sectors in Textile. Because, everything start from here. In this we learn about the very first process for a Spinning Mill and it is Blow Room or Back Side Process. All process control by a Line Commander which contain lots of electrical and electronics components.

It was my second work place. I joined the company before Erection and Commissioning. I have seen the entire requirement for a spinning mill and how it will operate in production period. At first you should know the brand name of our Blow Room machinery. And it is one of the most popular brands in the world. It’s from Germany and brand name is Trützschler.

It’s true that, Trützschler Blow Room machinery is the finest machinery in the world for making yarn from the cotton and others fibers. Because, Trützschler using German Technology for improving their machine quality that their customer can get better quality yarn. Now without any delay, let’s learn about the Blow Room Process for Trützschler machinery in my factory.

In my factory first process starts with Blandomat or Automatic Belt Opener. It separate cotton from hard cotton belt. A cotton belt can be 220 to 250kg. There are 46 to 56 cotton belt usually lay down with the Blandomat. Our cotton belt lay down length is 23045mm. But you can extend or decrees the length by design before and after installing this machine with your requirement and available space you have in factory floor.

Next there is a Material Transport Fan that creates the suction pressure inside a round duct and it is connected with the Blandomat. This fan receive row cotton from Blandomat and transfer it to the LVSA. Between these two machines there is metal detector present that separates any kind of metal that came with the row cotton. LVSA separate some dust particle from the row cotton. It is initial dust cleaning machine for row cotton.

SP-EM is the next machine in process line. It also detects fire and separate metal from row cotton. It is the segment of machine that came with Trützschler machinery. Previous mention metal detector module was from third party.

Next profess machine is Pre-Cleaner or CLP. This is another machine that clean 20 percent of dust from row cotton. All cleaning is done by different motor and fan.

MXU-6 is a kind of reserve box for row cotton. This is the next machine after CLP. This MXU-6 is the first reserves machine in our process line. We have another 2 separated MXU-6 for two separated cotton line. Don’t wary I will explain its position when I come.

After first MXU-6 there is machine called CL-U. This machine transfer row cotton from the first reserves to another small reserved box named FD-S. CL-U also clean another 30 percent of dust from row cotton before it transfer cotton to the FD-S.

FD-S transfers 50 percent clean row cotton to the weight scale named BL-HF section. Our scale machine has 3 parts. First and Last part is for measuring the weight for row cotton and middle part is for another fiber like Viscose. At the bottom section of this machine row cotton and viscose become a Sandwich. Viscous use to transfer to the BL-PF from a machine BO-E. BL-PF is the middle part of scale machine.

After measurement of weight, mixed fiver passer through the machine name BL-TO and it transfer two different MXU-6 machines for different two cotton line. We can run two different ratio of mixing at a same time like 90 percent cotton with 10 percent viscose and 70 percent of row cotton with 30 percent viscose.

From two MXU-6, mixed fiber (Cotton and Viscose) send to machine name TO-T1. We have two TO-T1 for two line of production. This TO-T1 transfer mixed fiber to carding section.

So this is all about the backside process for my Spinning Mill. If you have any question, then please ask in comment. Thanks!

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