GRAF Traversing Resharpening Device TSG

TSG, Traversing Resharpening Device is for flat cards of 40” or 60” working wide. Confused, let me clear you. We use different brand and model of carding machine in spinning mill from different country. Carding machine has a cylinder inside the machine which has metal wire with sharp teeth by different angle. After producing several tonne of production this teeth become weak means it lose its sharpness. For this reason these modules of device from GRAF help to reshape it again. In this post I am going to describe its Technical Data, Special Features and Advantage.


The activating of today’s high performances metallic card clothing machine are required high demands on the skills of maintenance personnel. I have seen it need lots of person with much experience by cannot perform this critical work. It is even extremely difficult for an experienced person to resharpen these very fines clothing burr-free with conventional grinding equipments.

The resharpening of Cutty-Sharp clothing with such equipment is virtually impossible as clothing made from this high alloy tools steel through hardly any sparks during the resharpening process with a rotating grinding stone. For this reason any visual checking of the process is impossible. Only the application of the TSG assures proper maintenance of these high quality metallic clothing’s.

Technical Data for TSG:

Motor Rating: 0.05KW
Supply Voltage: 220-250V AC, Single Phase
Hz: 50 to 60
Pressure of Resharpening Stone: 1 Newton
Traversing Speed: Cylinder - 6m/min; Doffer - 1m/min.
Weight: 21kg

Special Features:

1.       It is a very light weight grinding device with transport truck.
2.       Traversing grinding head with stationary ceramic stone.
3.       Linear unit with a driving motor and toothed belt for traversing motion.
4.       There are two traversing speed for cylinder and doffer is pre-set and it can be selected from the control box.
5.       Reduced traversing speed at point of return.
6.       These traversing movements are monitored by c counter on control box.
7.       It’s very easy and straight forward to operate even by a unskilled person.
8.       It’s a maintenance free grinding machine.
9.       CE-conformity assures utmost safety.


1.       This device is suitable for use on all high production and conventional card machine like Trützschler.
2.       By using TSG you can precisely defined grinding pressure by spring pressure.
3.       Burr-free activating of the tooth point of the cylinder and doffer wires leads to optimum carding results.
4.       Multiple resharpening of the clothing’s is possible since the abrasion is minuet and controlled.
5.       The tooth point is activated evenly across the entire width of the card, irrespective of concentricity and straightness of the roller.