Term & Conditions

“www.Sazirul.info” Term & Conditions!

This website is open for all. You can submit your article about any problem or solution in my web site but I have some “Term & Conditions” for all. I don’t want to hurt anyone. So if you want to publish your article in “www.Sazirul.info” then you must follow my “Term & Conditions”.

“www.Sazirul.info” Terms & Conditions!

First update: - 26.03.2018

A)  For New Article

01 :- It’s an open blog for all. You can submit an article to me about electrical engineering, any problem with solution.
02:- Language of all articles must be in English. I will never accept any language without English.

03 :- You must also follow the right spelling of every word & a perfect sentence.

04 :- Don’t copy any article from other web site. Your article must be a unique & don’t copy form “www.Sazirul.info” for publishing another web site.

05 :- Don’t submit any kind of adult pictures, videos & links with in your article & any bad words must be avoid.

06 :- Don’t submit a half of article & the article should not be click able for full article in another web site.

07 :- Don’t submit any kind of article which related with “Violent, Gambling or Casino, Sales of Weapons”.

08 :- I never accept any article with a link, blog or web site where any kind of advertisement are given.

09 :- Don't try to submit same article in different authors account.

10 :- Without public interest  & only for business purpose you cannot submit any article with

11 :- You cannot hit religion & any society in your article.

B)  For Comment

1 :- Don’t altercate any readers in your comment.

2 :- You cannot attack any readers personally.

3 :- Any bad word, offensive or insulting comment must be avoid.

4 :- “www.Sazirul.info” does not carry any legal liability for others comment.

5 :- Please use your real name when you submit a comment.